Brass GHT Hose Inserts

GHT InsertsCast (Sets Only)Machined
Complete SetComplete SetFemale OnlyMale Only
Complete Coupling, Cast Complete Coupling, Machined Female, Machined Male, Machined
Hose SizePart #Part #Part #Part #

Brass GHT Adapters

Note: Washers not included.
Double Female GHT Adapter Double Male GHT Adapter Brass GHT Cap
Double Female Swivel
Female x FemalePart #
Double Male
Male x MalePart #
FemalePart #

Threaded Male x Male Adapter Male GHT x Female NPT Adapter Female GHT x Male NPT Adapter
Threaded Male
Male x MalePart #
GHT x 3/8" NPTBA73
GHT x 1/2" NPTBA74
GHT x 3/4" NPTBA776
Male GHT x Female NPT
Male x FemalePart #
GHT x 1/2" NPTBA794
GHT x 3/4" NPTBA796
GHT x 1" NPTFM1076
Female GHT x Male NPT
Female x MalePart #
GHT x 1/2" NPTBMA974
GHT x 3/4" NPTBMA976
GHT x 1" NPTFM7610T

Female GHT x Female NPT Swivel Adapter Female GHT x Female NPT Rigid Adapter
Female Swivel
Female SwivelPart #
GHT x 1/2" NPTBAS974
GHT x 3/4" NPTBAS976
Rigid Female
Female x FemalePart #
GHT x 1/2" NPTBA974
GHT x 3/4" NPTBA976

Brass Garden Hose Quick Coupler

Precision machined from solid brass with easy push-pull ring for long lasting and quick hose attachments. Coupler half is female GHT; plug half is male GHT. Maximum operating pressure: 200 PSI

Female GHT Quick Disconnect Male GHT Quick Disconnect
DescriptionPart #
Coupler with Check ValveCVDGH7C

Garden Hose Accessories

Garden Hose Gooseneck ConnectorGarden Hose Shut-Off Valve
Powder-coated zinc gooseneck connector.
Angles hose away from bib. 125 PSI.
Part #GHGN
Powder-coated zinc shut-off valve.
Hot water up to 160F. 150 PSI.
Part #GHV

Garden Hose Wye Garden Hose Valved Wye
Plain Wye
Plated zinc with twin outlet with one cap.
Hot water up to 160F. 150 PSI.
Part #GHY
Valved Wye
Powder-coated zinc with twin shut-off valves.
Hot water up to 160F. 150 PSI.
Part #GHYV

Garden Hose Shut-Off Valve
Garden Hose Shut-Off Valve
Powder-coated zinc shut-off valve with easy on / off handle.
Hot water up to 160F. 150 PSI.

Garden Hose Nozzles

Hot Water Washdown Spray Nozzle
Not for Use with Steam Lines

Hot Water Washdown Nozzle

For low pressure cleaning and sanitation applications, such as food and dairy processing, tank and drum cleaning, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing and meat and poultry packing. Efficient design for operator comfort. 1/2" female NPT inlet. Black or white cover.

  • Variable spray pattern from solid stream to 50 hollow cone.
  • Hose connects at base of gun for easy maneuvering.
  • Rubber coated handle protects hands from water temperatures to 150 F.
  • 14 GPM flow capacity.
  • Available with brass or aluminum body construction.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 PSI.
BodyPart #BodyPart #
Note: "-W" means White Cover.

Swivel Connectors for Washdown Spray Nozzles

Swivel Connector with Hose Shank Swivel Connector with GHT
  • Keeps Hose from Kinking
  • Brass Swivel Body
  • Stainless Steel Hose Shank
  • Brass Connecting Nut
  • EPDM Gasket
  • Attached Ring
Hose Shank and Female GHT
NPTSizePart #
1/2"1/2" ShankBNS44
1/2"3/4" ShankBNS64
1/2"3/4" F-GHTBMAS974

Pistol-Grip Nozzles

Pistol-Grip Water Nozzle Insulated Pistol-Grip Water Nozzle
Part #CSN75
Part #SN75
  • Heavy duty all zinc metallized body
  • Clip locks any spray pattern
  • Easy squeeze on/off lever
  • All brass valve stem and adjusting nut
  • Stainless steel spring with lifetime packing
  • Handle GHT threads
  • Heavy duty brass valve and adjusting nut
  • Hold open clip locks any spray pattern
  • Chrome plated all zinc body
  • Rubber head guard on threaded GHT front version
  • Handle GHT threads
  • Hot water up to 180 F

Twist-To-Open Nozzles

Solid Brass Twist Nozzle Red Polycarbonate Fire Nozzle Green ABS Constant Flow Nozzle
Solid Brass Full Size Twist Nozzle
3/4" GHTPart #BTN75
Red Polycarbonate Fire Nozzle with Bumper and Brass Stem
3/4" GHT25.1 GPM @ 100 PSI-45 SprayFNB75GHT
Green ABS Nozzle with Bumper and Steel Stem
3/4" GHT8 GPM @ 100 PSI-45 SprayGNB75GHT

Tapered Brass GHT Nozzles

Brass Sweeper Nozzle Solid Brass Tapered Nozzle
Brass Sweeper Nozzle
SizeLengthDischargePart #
3/4" GHT2" long3/16" Dia.PSN76
Brass 100 PSI Nozzle
SizeLengthDischargePart #
3/4" GHT6" long1/4" Dia.BN6

GHT Washers

GHT Washer Garden Hose Screen Gasket
Standard GHT Washers
MaterialPart #
Red VinylTVW7
White RubberTRW7
GHT Screen Gaskets
MaterialMesh SizePart #
FDA Approved Black Vinyl6050 Mesh 304 S/STVS7