Refrasil - Silica-Based Textiles from BP Chemicals

Refrasil high-temperature resistant textiles are continuous filament, amorphous silica products with the thermal performance of a refractory material. Designed specifically to replace asbestos in a number of high heat applications, Refrasil textiles retain their strength and resiliency to continuous temperatures of 1800F. When higher temperatures are involved, a special treated version ("Irish") can extend the ceiling to 2300F, continuous, with excursions to as high as 3100F. Standard Refrasil textiles are tan or gold in color, while pre-shrunk forms of cloth are white, Abrasion-resistant fabrics are orange, and high-temperature "Irish" is green.

Refrasil textiles resist oxidation, most corrosive solutions and chemicals. They protect against contamination, marking and damage to parts and products during high temperature processing. And because they exhibit minimal dusting and fly-off of fiber particles, and are too large in fiber diameter to be respirable, their use presents no known health hazards.

Refrasil is approved for use in nuclear and fossil fuel power plant applications and is certified to the following specifications:

MIL-C-24576A (SH)Cloth, Silica Glass; Cloth, Coated, Silicone Rubber Coated Glass
MIL-I-24244Insulation Materials, Thermal with Special Corrosion and Chloride Requirements
Doc. 164.009 (USCG)Requirements for Incombustible Materials for Merchant Vessels
NRC 1.36Insulation Materials (Nuclear)

Refrasil Cloth

UC, C and AR Series

UC and C Series

Cloth is the most popular form of Refrasil. Standard UC100 series cloth is tan in color, white pre-shrunk C100 is white.

Pre-shrunk cloth is slightly weaker in strength and lower in abrasion resistance than standard cloth and should only be used where shrinkage cannot be tolerated. Adhesive cloth is simply standard cloth with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing to aid in installation.

Standard roll size for all Refrasil cloth is 50 lineal yards 10% maximum length. No roll contains more than two pieces of fabric and no piece within the roll is less than 10 lineal yards.

AR Series

AR100 series Refrasil contains a specialty formulated coating, making it 16 times more abrasion resistant than standard UC series cloth.

The AR series Refrasil is recommended for welding protection and fabrication because the coating resists minor damage from dragging, scraping, tearing and snagging. Also, it provides 50% more seam strength than standard Refrasil.

The special orange coating distinguishes AR series Refrasil. Although there will be a loss of coating from exposure to high temperatures, only the abrasion resistance of the fabric will be affected, not its overall thermal performance.

DescriptionPart #ColorNom. Thk.Nom. WidthOz. /Sq. Yd.
UC Series
Standard ClothUC100-28Tan.015"36"10
C Series
Pre-Shrunk ClothC100-48White.026"33"18
AR Series
Abrasion Res. ClothAR100-48Orange.033"36"20

Irish and WGC Series

Irish Series

Irish Refrasil insulation cloth was developed to extend the temperature range and flexibility characteristics of Refrasil textiles.The greenish color from which it derives the name Irish is the result of a special high-temperature treatment.

Irish Refrasil insulation will withstand continuous temperatures to 2300F with little or no changes in properties.

Cloth and slit tapes are the standard forms for Irish Refrasil insulation. It is also available in a treated form for ease of handling and physical integrity during fabrication.

WGC Cloth

Refrasil WGC (Welding Grade Cloth) products are effective in applications such as welding blankets and screens, personal protection shields, equipment protection and stress relieving pads.

WGC products have been specifically designed to provide the user with a cost-effective material in many commercial welding applications. WGC fabrics insulate and provide continuous protection in environments up to 1800F, while maintaining strength and flexibility. Thermal protection continues during intermittent exposure at temperatures up to 3100F, although some embitterments and shrinkage may be experienced. WGC products have a minimum silica content of 96%.

DescriptionPart #ColorNom. Thk.Nom. WidthOz. /Sq. Yd.
Irish Series
Irish ClothC1554-48Green.026"33"18
Treated Irish Cloth2221-48Green.026"33"20
WGC Series
Standard ClothWGC-18Tan.032"36"18
Abrasion Res. ClothWGC-18AROrange.034"36"19

Refrasil Woven, Wide Woven and Slit Tapes

Standard Refrasil tapes are intended for high-temperature applications with continuous service up to 1800F and brief excursion temperatures or "spikes" over 2000F. Woven tape is available in pre-shrunk form, which is fired at 1800F to reduce any further shrinkage in the service applications. Wide woven tape in thicknesses of .060" and .125" is produced as standard Refrasil and is subject to shrinkage when exposed to sustained temperatures above 1800F.

Slit tapes are produced from Standard UC Series, AR Series and Irish Refrasil cloth. A standard 50 LY roll can be custom slit to any specified width for a special handling charge. Stock widths are 2" and 4". Standard tape is slit from UC Series cloth coated one side with pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by a release paper cover. The adhesive provides an aid to applying the tape in various field and shop conditions. Abrasion resistant AR Series slit tape has no adhesive, the edges are sealed with a refractory coating to prevent unraveling. For service temperatures above 1800F and higher to 2300F, Irish tape is slit from 2221 Series treated Irish cloth for ease of handling or sewing.

Tape Properties
DescriptionPart #Nom. Thk.Nom. Width
Woven Tape
Standard Tape*UT100-1.015"1"
Pre-Shrunk Tape**TF100-1.015"1"
Wide Woven Tape
Standard Tape*UT100-41.060"1"
Standard Tape**UT100-81.125"1"
Slit Tape
Standard Tape (w/adhesive)*UT48-2.026"2"
Abrasion Res. Tape (no adhesive)*AR48-2.033"2"
Irish Tape (no adhesive)*2221-48-2.028"2"
* Available in 100 foot rolls.
** Available in 50 foot rolls.

Refrasil Rope Gasket

Refrasil Rope Gasket is a dimensionally controlled, high-density braided pure silica product intended for service temperatures above 1000F. Produced in five sizes, Refrasil Rope Gasket is braided from texturized yarns, pre-shrunk and treated with a hydrocarbon finish to improve its abrasion resistance and ease of handling.

Refrasil Rope 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" are packaged in 100 foot spools, two spools to a carton. 3/4" and 1" are packaged in 50 foot spools, two spools to a carton.

Rope Gasket Properties
Part #Nom. Dia.Density (lbs/cu.ft.)Yield (ft./lb.)Break Strength (lbs.)Shrinkage @1600F
RG - 1/4".23"4482400.6%
RG - 3/8".33"4538600.6%
RG - 1/2".47"31241400.6%
RG - 3/4".73"31112500.7%
RG - 1".96"3664700.8%

Refrasil Sleeving

Refrasil braided sleeving resists continuous temperatures to 1800F while retaining its strength and flexibility. It provides efficient insulation because of low thermal conductivity. Absolutely fireproof, it is also resistant to oxidation and most corrosive solutions, and does not degrade in the presence of water.

Refrasil Sleeving is available as standard or heavy wall. The looser braid of standard sleeving can accommodate a large variety of diameters. Heavy wall sleeving has a very tight and thicker braid for maximum thermal protection.

Refrasil Sleeving products are typically packaged as 50 foot spools.

Sleeving Properties
DescriptionPart #Nom. IDMaximum ID
Standard (Nom. Wall thickness .032") UB - 3/4"3/4"0.95"
UB - 1"1"1.35"
UB - 1-1/2"1-1/2"2.50"
UB - 2"2"3.20"
UB - 2-1/2"2-1/2"3.30"
Heavy Wall (Nom. Wall Thickness .065")HWS - 3/8"3/8"0.40"
HWS - 1/2"1/2"0.60"
HWS - 1"1"1.10"
HWS - 1-1/2"1-1/2"1.60"